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Chicago stockyards, ca. 1897
  • Books on Chicago history
  • Adams, Stephen B., and Orville R. Butler. MANUFACTURING THE FUTURE: A History of Western Electric. (Cambridge 1999). [with 40,000 workers in the 1920s, it was for many years Chicago's largest employer]
  • Arnold, Lewis. AN EARLY ENCOUNTER WITH TOMORROW: Europeans, Chicago's Loop and the World's Columbian Exposition. (Illinois 1997).
  • Barrett, James R. WORK AND COMMUNITY IN THE JUNGLE: Chicago's Packinghouse Workers, 1894-1922.  (Illinois 1987).
  • Barrett, Paul. THE AUTOMOBILE AND URBAN TRANSIT: The Formation of Public Policy in Chicago 1900-1930.  (Temple 1983)
  • Bluestone, Daniel. CONSTRUCTING CHICAGO. (Yale 1991).
  • Chicago Historical Society biblio. on meatpacking <>
  • Cohan, Adam, and Elizabeth Taylor, AMERICAN PHARAOH: Mayor Richard J. Daley: His Battle for Chicago and the Nation (Warner 2000) first chapter (NYT), first chapter TWBookmark 
  • Condit, Carl W.  CHICAGO, 1910-29: Building Planning, and Urban Technology.  (Chicago 1973).  See also second volume covering 1930-70 [UCP 1974], with 115 illustrations.
  • Cronon, William. NATURE'S METROPOLIS: Chicago and the Great West (Norton 1991).
  • Halpern, Rick. DOWN ON THE KILLING FLOOR: Black and White Workers in Chicago's Packinghouses, 1904-54.  (Illinois 1997).
  • Horowitz, Roger. "NEGRO AND WHITE, UNITE AND FIGHT!": A Social History of Industrial Unionism in Meatpacking, 1930-90. (Illinois 1997).
  • Keating, Ann Durkin. BUILDING CHICAGO: Suburban Developers and the Creation of a Divided Metropolis.  (Ohio State 1988).
  • Miller, Donald L. CITY OF THE CENTURY: The Epic of Chicago and the Making of America. (Simon & Schuster 1996).
  • Platt, Harold L. THE ELECTRIC CITY: Energy and the Growth of the Chicago Area, 1880-1930.  (University of Chicago 1991).
  • Rast, Joel. REMAKING CHICAGO: The political origins of urban industrial change.  (Northern Illinois 1999).
  • Sinclair, Upton. THE JUNGLE (1906) [e-text UC-Berkeley]
  • Smith, Carl. URBAN DISORDER AND THE SHAPE OF BELIEF: The Great Chicago Fire, the Haymarket Bomb, and the Model Town of Pullman. (Chicago 1995).
  • Willis, Carol. FORM FOLLOWS FINANCE: Skyscrapers and Skylines in New York and Chicago (Princeton AP 1995) / Misa review in BHR 
  • Zukowsky, John (ed.). CHICAGO ARCHITECTURE, 1872-1922: Birth of a Metropolis.  (AIC 1987).
  • Zukowsky, John (ed.). CHICAGO ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN, 1923-1993: Reconfiguration of an American Metropolis.  (AIC 1993).
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