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Table of Contents

I. Inventors and Invention
see also History of EngineeringEdison Papers (Rutgers Univ.)
II. Science & Systems
see also 2nd industrial revolution
 Automobile Engineering

I. Inventors and Invention

THOMAS EDISON [top of page]

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v. 1. The making of an inventor : February 1847-June 1873
v. 2. From workshop to laboratory, June 1873-March 1876
v. 3. Menlo Park: The Early Years, April 1876-Dec. 1877
v. 4. The Wizard of Menlo Park, 1878
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A. G. BELL AND BELL SYSTEM [top of page]

Bruce, Robert V.  Bell : Alexander Graham Bell and the conquest of solitude. Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 1990; orig. Boston: Little, Brown 1973.   

Fagen, M. D. et al.  A History of Engineering and Science in the Bell System.  New York: The Laboratories, 1975 et seq. 7 vols. 

[1] The early years (1875-1925)
[2] National service in war and peace (1925-1975)
[3] Switching technology (1925-1975)
[4] Physical sciences (1925-1980)
[5] Communications sciences (1925-1980)
[6] Electronics technology (1925-1975)
[7] Transmission technology (1925-1975)
Garnet, Robert W.  The telephone enterprise: the evolution of the Bell System's horizontal structure, 1876-1909.  Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1985.      

 INVENTORS' THINKING [top of page]

Edison, Thomas A.  The Papers of Thomas A. Edison.  Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1989 et. seq.    See link to Edison Papers (Rutgers Univ.)
v. 1. The making of an inventor : February 1847-June 1873
v. 2. From workshop to laboratory, June 1873-March 1876
v. 3. Menlo Park: The Early Years, April 1876-Dec. 1877
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II. Science & Systems


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1. The times, the man, the company.
2. Expansion and challenge, 1915-1933
3. Decline and rebirth, 1933-1962
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RADIO INDUSTRY [top of page]

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v. 1. Background and beginnings: 1609-1911
v. 2-3. The World War I period: 1912-1922
v. 4. The merger era: 1923-1929
v. 5. Decade of new products: 1930-1939
v. 6. The chemical companies
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TAYLORISM see also Taylorism biblio. [top of page]

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