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Leonardo to the Internet:

Technology and Culture from the Renaissance to the Present

Thomas J. Misa

Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011; 2nd edition
L2i 2nd cover

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  • Misa's Global Culture bibliography
  • Chapter 8. Toward Global Culture (1970-2001)

    Characterize the main points of the supporters and the critics in the global-economy debate.
    DISCUSS the varied evidence for the "convergence" and "divergence" views on global culture.
    How is today's "third" global economy similar to the earlier ones? What ended the "second" global economy (1860~1920s)?  What, if anything, might end today's?
    Fax machines in U.S. and Japan: which country developed which machines? How was fax shaped by global technology standards?
    What was the impact of McDonald's on Europe, Asia, Russia?  What was the impact on McDonald's...?
    Trace the history of the Internet "from DoD to ISP" and WWW.  How did Tim Berners-Lee build "global" values into the WWW?

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